Use of the lawns outside of club sessions must be booked prior to use.

To book a lawn outside of a Club Session  E-mail   your request to   (the @ sign has been deliberately changed to a #  as an anti spam measure, please change back to the @ sign )                                                                                        

Caterham Croquet Club - founded 1986

Welcome to Caterham Croquet Club!

Croquet is a sport that can be played by a wide range of people. Men and women compete on equal terms, and the game can be played by a very wide age range. It is ideal for those who want an outdoor activity that gives some exercise, in pleasant surroundings, and friendly companions.

Our club at Caterham has two full-size lawns in Queens Park in Caterham. The new lawns were completed in 2015, and they allow us to play throughout the year.

Our club caters for everybody from absolute beginners to A Class. We play both Association and Golf Croquet, and both forms of croquet have an efficient handicap system which means everyone can compete on equal terms.

New members are always welcome. Anyone wishing to try the game is welcome to come along and give it a go.

The Club's lawns can be hired by organisations for a social occasion. Please contact us.