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Caterham Croquet Club - founded 1986

Membership is available to anyone interested in playing or supporting croquet, regardless of gender, race, religion, political views, ability or age (except that at the moment we cannot admit anyone under eighteen unless accompanied by an adult family member).

Membership currently stands at about 35, with a range of abilities from beginners to "A" class.

The membership fee is determined at the AGM, and applies from 1st April. The current membership types are:

Full Membership, which includes summer and winter play.
For members joining after the season starts the fee is reduced pro-rata.
Winter Membership, for the season 1st October - 31st March (6 months) 
Country Membership, for members living more than 30 miles from the club.
Country members have the full rights and responsibilities of full members.

The scale of fees may be obtained from one of the members listed on the Contact Us page.

New members may obtain keys to the Clubhouse on payment of a deposit which is refundable upon return of  keyset.